MSP Sales: What to know and how to sell your services

Live Webinar Tuesday 25th May @ 10:00 AM GMT

Sales is one of the most crucial activities for MSPs.

Most IT Service Providers are technically very well prepared but often do not have the same time needed to frame their services in the best way possible.

To grow your business and establish yourself in the market, you’ll need to know the fundamentals of sales and equip yourself with the right tools that allow you to optimise everything from initial contact all the way through to delivery.

So… how much do you know about sales?

If you think that you have a lot to learn, or simply want to get another take on the subject, you’ll want to attend our webinar at 10:00 25th May.

The webinar will be split in two different parts: the first one will go through sales fundamentals, while the second one’s aim is to give you some useful tips on some tools that can take the headache(s) out of your sales process.

In the first part of the webinar, we’ll talk about:

  • Orders: how to manage them in the easiest way for the customer and for you;
  • Quoting: the order consists in the acceptance of an quote. We’ll discuss how to organise them, what to put in them and some hints about negotiation;
  • Sales processes: the quote is the last stage of a process, there are a few steps to go through before you get there! Firstly you have to do the ground work to ensure the offer will be accepted;
  • Pipeline: once the sales process has been defined, we have to manage our pipeline. Allowing you to minimise the probability of losing sales along the way and improve your estimate how much revenue you will generate in the near future;
  • Lead: where it all begins. You’ll need some initial interest to work from. This can be in the form of your existing customers or new prospects generated through marketing.

Once you’re comfortable with your sales process, you’ll need to find a way to avoid some common issues:

  • Knowledge is key in deal management, you need to be able to swiftly recall client motivations, key issues raised and the stage of a negotiation, if you’re joining a call without this you’ll have to re-qualify, which doesn’t give the right impression to your prospect.
  • Offers are often copied from previous ones, which may lead to mistakes, imagine sending a proposal with a different customer name on it?
  • You have to remember to chase customers who haven’t accepted an offer yet.
  • The fine tuning stage of a contract can be very time consuming, requiring a lot of “back and forth” between you and your customer.

In the second part of the webinar we will focus on Zomentum, an MSP solution that allows you to:


  • Integrate with your PSA tool, enhancing the experience and utilising your existing data.
  • Enable your Sales team to do their jobs, with a rich, intuitive user experience.
  • Create and edit sales offers dynamically.
  • Monitor all of your team’s activity and sales opportunities.
  • Send emails with full integration into your email suite.
  • Intuitively create tailored quotes, including offering optional extras the customer can select if needed.
  • Schedule automated reminders and track customer activity around outstanding offers.
  • Dive into the rich reports with comprehensive analytics, see what’s getting results and replicate it.

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Simon Bell (Technical Manager)

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